Causes of Hair Shedding in Women


After doing a simple test, many women will discover they’re shedding hair at an increased rate – a condition that requires special care. There are many factors that can potentially contribute to hair loss, genetic and environmental. See below for the most common causes.

5 Common Causes of Hair Loss in Women e1396845600785 Causes of Hair Shedding in Women

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1. Iron deficiency. Due to monthly menstrual cycle, women are especially vulnerable to developing iron deficiency. On top of that, it can be caused by dieting. Common symptoms include pale skin, weakness, and drowsiness. A blood test will help you determine if that’s the case for you.
2. Hair shedding can be attributed to stress. Many of us have noticed that hair problems surface especially often during our most stressful times. Short periods of stress don’t tend to cause hair loss, as the healing process is normalized quickly, and blood vessels in your scalp are restored fast. However, if you find yourself chronically strained or anxious, your mental state can be very well responsible for the issue.


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One thought on “Causes of Hair Shedding in Women

  1. Mine is due to Hypothyroidism. I am taking Synthroid. I also am FN from Northern BC and my grandma Lucy taught me to gather n make into tea or a tincture. I use horsetail in my tea for my hair. and stinging Nettle mist for after a wash. Also I am using Coconut Oil and or bear grease in receipts as well. I also have Ostio-Arthritis and use Devils club, labrador tea and honey tea for that. Then a bit of Chaga for the other symptoms such as depression, tingling limbs, tiredness, lethargic and moment memory loss. Grandma used it for her ostio-arthritis. I love harvesting these medicines now! 🙂