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Marbled Stone Nail Art – DIY

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Looking for an easy new look for your nails? Try this. It looks very sophisticated and not at all DIY. This is a really standout look, people just might ask where you had it done. So, to get this lace-like, marbled look, just follow the steps below:

turquoise stone nails1 Marbled Stone Nail Art   DIY

image source —> alldaychic

All you need to get started arte a few basic household items. One plastic baggy or piece of cellophane, 3 colors of nail polish (1 base, 2 accent- shimmers are the best), a small cup of water, and some hair spray.

Nail Art

To begin, you need to apply your base coat. Here, we’ve used a very pretty turquoise or robin’s egg blue, but you can choose any color you’d like, but strong, lighter colors showcase the marbling technique much better.)

17 Marbled Stone Nail Art   DIY

image source —> alldaychic

After they dry, place one of your accent colors ( the lighter of the two ) on the plastic and then dab a bit of it onto your nails.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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  1. handmadeby kyleigh

    July 27, 2014 at 3:12 am

    you don’t spray your nails with the hairspray you spray the polish on the water from about 15cm away, not too close or it will just blow a huge hole in the polish.