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Your eyebrow shape – the “golden rules” from experts

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Your natural eyebrow shape is usually best for you, sans the hairs around the bridge of your nose.

lmlm1 Your eyebrow shape – the “golden rules” from experts

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- The inner part of your eyebrow can not be higher than the outer, or you’ll risk looking sad. – Eyebrows that create a unibrow, are overly arched, or with tips cast down will make you look older.

- Slightly shortened eyebrows that are farther apart will make you look younger.
- Thick, wide eyebrows only suit young women with a large hairdo. Also, men seem to take wide eyebrows for a sign of passionate nature.
- If you have a round face, wide eyebrows WILL NOT suit you.
- If you have an oval face, never pluck your eyebrows in a way that makes the outer part way above the inner part.
- Overly thin eyebrows look unnatural and make you look at least 5 years older.
- After eyebrow procedures like threading, apply chamomile and oak bark compresses.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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